Located in the village of Abrigada, Ada da Serra finds itself integrated in a region of high cultural, recreational and sporting interest.

Abrigada it’s a village born downhill Montejunto mountain (Serra do Montejunto). It’s central location, region of Estremadura, places Abrigada at least than one hour from several points of interest of Portugal center region.

– Serra do Montejunto
Vídeo Montejunto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGCZUv06Bwo

As the main touristic spot, we highlight Serra do Montejunto (at 10 minutes of Abrigada)

Located between the West Coast and Tagus river valley, surrounded by vineyards and agricultural fields, with an altitude of 666 m, is known as the highest mountain on Lisbon district. In 1999 was created the protected landscape of Serra do Montejunto. From it’s peak it’s possible to see a wide view, from Berlengas islands to Arrábida mountain, and to the north, Lousã mountain.

Besides it’s landscape/biodiversity beauty , there are several villages on Montejunto surroundings that supports an ancestral heritage. “Nossa Senhora das Neves” convent, “Cantar aos Reis” singing, “Fábrica do Gelo” (ancient ice factory), and the several windmills, are some of the cultural marks of this mountain.

There are several leisure activities, as a picnic park, trails, etc.

We enhance the activities:

Nossa senhora das Neves – First Portuguese Dominican Convent.

Ice factory
Unic national monument, located on the north slope of the mountain. Build on the XVIII century, had the function of storing the ice formed on it’s water tanks during the cold months. The ice was storage on layers, and after transported to Lisbon.

- Trails

– Bird Watching

- Rock climbing


Local products:
Montejunto cheese – http://www.cadavalcativa.pt/gastronomy/produtos-locais/183/queijos
Montejunto honey – http://www.cadavalcativa.pt/gastronomy/produtos-locais/154/mel-da-serra-de-montejunto
Tia Piedade sponge cake – http://www.cadavalcativa.pt/gastronomy/produtos-locais/164/pao-de-lo-tipiedade


Aba da Serra is integrated on a viticultural region (belongs to the Wine Route - Rota dos Vinhos), of Lisbon region. There are several wine cellars and vineyards on the region, which can be visited, and where are produced some of the best national wines.

– Gastronomy

Region of a magnificent gastronomy, with a typical regional identity. There are several options of restaurants nearby, quite prestigious on the region.

- Other activities
- Shooting club: http://www.valedaspedras.com/

– Beaches
The West Coast beaches are located at less than 1 hour from Abrigada. This Coast has several beaches of magnificent landscape, some worldwide famous for the perfect surf conditions, as:

-Areia Branca beach (Lourinhã)

- Consolação beach (Peniche)

-Baleal beach (Peniche)

-Foz do Arelho beach (Caldas da Rainha)

-S. Martinho do Porto beach (Caldas da Rainha)

-Nazaré / Norte beach (Nazaré)

– Cities

It’s location on the border of Estremadura and Ribatejo, places Abrigada at less than one hour from several cities with high touristic interest, as:

– Lisboa

– Alenquer

– Óbidos

– Santarém

– Peniche